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Jarhead SEO offers a custom curated selection of professional, effective Local SEO, E-commerce SEO, and Web Designing for today’s small to medium and enterprise level businesses.

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Nothing grows your business faster online than SEO. Search engine optimization ensures that your business reaches the top of the search engine rankings where potential customers and clients will see them first. 

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Web Design

Your website is representing your brand 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Whether you need a complete new design or a redesign of one that you have, our designers will knock it out of the park!  



Online businesses are popping up left and right.  If you want to get more sales as well as show your customers that you are serious about business, you should be showing up on the first page of Google.      

Shan Khaliq

  Shan Khaliq

Freelance Web Programmer 

"Andrew is a true SEO professional. If you are in the market to grow your business then I highly recommend using his services. He has both the skill set and knowledge to get you the amazing results you are looking for."

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Jarhead SEO is committed to the success of our clients in Springfield, IL and the surrounding areas . We listen and respond to their needs and create custom tailored packages that offer the best value, the greatest results and a higher return on their investment.

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Jarhead SEO has decided it was a good idea to start offering our web designing skills.  While our core focus is local SEO, we are also skilled at making websites and E-commerce SEO.  We have just recently created a small portfolio of websites for our customers to look at.





Our services are designed for businesses looking for online growth, sustainability and success. No matter what your industry, Jarhead SEO can create a custom-tailored plan to suit your needs and the needs of your business. Contact Jarhead SEO now for a no-obligation consultation today.

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JMy name is Andrew and I'm a former United States Marine.  Once a Marine always a Marine!  For the sake of not confusing everyone, I'd just like to make sure everyone knows that this is my full time career now!  I've been doing SEO for the past few years, and I know exactly what it takes to get your site ranked in the search engines.  I'm currently living in Bucharest, Romania to be close to my two AMAZING children!

Hire a Springfield, IL SEO Expert today!

If you are running an online business, a website, or a brick and mortar business, come to Jarhead SEO for your local SEO needs. We will help you strengthen your online business where you will be able to communicate the message through your website. Your website will be well designed, abiding by the search engine optimization rules which will prove to be the best for your site.

As it’s not unknown to anyone that, search engines such as GoogleYahooBing, etc. will end up imposing penalties on those who will fail to abide by the rules. These penalties can impact negatively on the overall performance of your website. Hence, the practice of ethical website designing should be imposed. One of the areas you need to focus on should be trying to employ the team of experts who are highly qualified to offer you the services. It could be a tiresome and hideous process for you to access the experts. You need to do the market research and meet every web developer personally to decide what is best for you.

However, this task can be performed online if you are too busy to take out the time from your daily routine. You can compare SEO firms online. While carrying out your comparison online, you should try and compare as many companies as possible as it is the easiest and cost-effective method of comparison.

We are Springfield, IL SEO experts who could assist you with all the web developing activities. Below mentioned are the benefits you will enjoy once you decide to work with us:

1. Time is money: If you hire an SEO Springfield IL expert, you can save time doing other important activities in expanding your business. The other department of your company may need your attention more than SEO. You can leave all your SEO worries to the best Springfield SEO experts, i.e., Jarhead SEO. A proper SEO practice requires research, having knowledge of tools, techniques, and trends and we have all on-hand for you. There are many departments in your business for you to give time and attention to, but SEO should not be one of them because let us take that worry off your head.

2. Get better results: We are SEO experts, and we are acutely aware of the tools and techniques of SEO to get your website on the top of Search Engine Result Pages. We can make the visitor bounce back on your site again and again. A complete SEO audit performed by a professional will reveal the deviations in your current SEO website thus, correcting them. Sometimes, all a website need is a healthy makeover, i.e., good website design and even better content, which is impossible for a single SEO expert. Thus, Jarhead SEO has a team of developers and content writers to provide you with the complete package of SEO. We will get your website rank top amongst all the SERPs.

3. Keep updated: Whether it is the field of finance, marketing, human resource or digital world, everyone must keep updated. There may be a possibility that you may not know what is in-trend in SEO and what is the outdated stuff due to your hectic schedule. Hence, an SEO expert can help you up with that. An SEO expert is a specialist because it is his duty to keep updated with the trend and provide the latest stuff to the clients. A single SEO may not be able to keep up, but with the team, there are new ideas, discussions and brainstorming sessions. We are part of an organization of about 2000 members who are constantly helping each other keep up with the latest SEO rules and updates. If the words like Panda and Penguin seems just like zoo animals to you, it is about time you hire us.

Springfield IL SEO

4. Stay True: The unethical SEO is referred as SPAM or BLACK HAT SEO. It isn’t necessarily an illegal activity but is indeed considered as a BELOW THE BELT practices. Anything that has shortcut suffers long-term results. Some agencies still practice unethical SEO tactics like “Black-Hat” and outdated techniques like keyword stuffing, spam commenting, etc. These techniques could get your website blacklisted, and you will have to part ways to find cheap options. Being smart and being extra talented are two different things. If you want to be in the business for the long run, then your Springfield, IL local SEO agency must practice ethical SEO.

SEO Springfield Illinois that you can count on!

Following are the unethical SEO practices:

  • The text is hidden – e.g., white text is “hidden” on a white background, text can be “hidden” behind images or a size zero font can be used
  • Links are hidden or made to appear less visible so to a website visitor – e.g., links can be made into the same font color as the main content
  • Plagiarizing or using auto-generated content with a high keyword density
  • Too many keywords and hidden text are used on a website. This is known as keyword stuffing. Online users are not appreciative of this
  • A method of “cloaking” is used whereby content is submitted to search engines in such a way that some text is not visible or apparent to a targeted audience
  • Trading links – many websites have a habit of trading links. Trading links can be very misleading and disruptive to an online user
  • JavaScript re-directs can be used whereby search engines are directed to a web page that is different from the one that is expected.
  • Using duplicated content
  • Making use of automated queries without the permission from search engines
  • Exploiting security whereby viruses can be installed the moment a user opens a website or page
  • Creating false doorway passages to direct users to other websites that may contain irrelevant content or a collection of more links

5. Build a long-term relationship: It ‘s nice to put two heads together sometimes and brainstorm. Working with the outside SEO, could give you the ideas and validate your SEO strategy. Building relationships with other dedicated professionals can be advantageous. It is great to know you’re not alone in the universe and that you can share your challenges with someone else who has valuable experience and expertise to help you out of a jam.

6. Hiring the local SEO experts: Most internet companies require SEO and to gain demographic knowledge of SEO, one may need to have local SEO knowledge. There is a possibility that one SEO trend does not apply to another state of America. In California, they have different practice and so in Hawaii. Thus, to gain the knowledge the knowledge of local SEO you need to keep in touch with local SEO experts.

7. More money for the firm: Online business relies entirely on their website. If a person finds the navigation and browsing difficult, then he will not return to your site. A well-optimized website helps in generating more income for the business with more number of returning users. With more and more clients searching the site, with good keyword research, and proper SEO, a higher income can be earned. Only an SEO Springfield IL expert could only do this. He will know how to assign appropriate keywords, how to make them rank on Google, how to use all the tools and buttons, etc. Overall the SEO proves to boost business in all ways imaginable.

8. Get many additional services: At Jarhead, we provide all kinds of assistance apart from SEO services. The majority of online marketing needs can be handled by the firm alone. In fact, many of these services are available at far cheaper rates with the quality agreement. With so many advantages, there is no reason not to hire the best agency offering high-quality SEO services to the client at the most reasonable rates. Invest in your brand today. While you may know the basic SEO stuff and learning as you go there are some crucial tips that you might not know because you do not have much experience in the field. You can hire an expert SEO Company to help make some smart decisions. This can also increase your business visibility and website ranking.

Hiring a local SEO firm can be foolish sometimes if you want to target an international market. Usually, A single SEO is unable to help you capture all 50 US states but our local SEO firm can. While our headquarters are located in Springfield, IL, We have offices internationally located in Romania and Malta.

You will not get any better deal than Jarhead SEO because we have a team of skilled experts who have the thorough knowledge of know-how of SEO business. Also, our team has combined ten years of experience on hand to deal with every SEO situation. Thus, hire the Jarhead experts and leave all your SEO worries to us. You never know what creativity we have in our pocket for you.

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